About Umbraco

The Umbraco CMS 

Umbraco is an open-source Content Management System known and loved by thousands upon thousands around the world for its user-friendliness and full flexibility. Whether you need a CMS for a simple or complex digital solution - Umbraco might just be the perfect answer!  

Umbraco is a beautiful combination of the commercial entity behind the project, the Umbraco HQ, and the fantastic, friendly, and dedicated community. This combination creates a diverse and innovative environment that ensures Umbraco stays cutting edge, and at the same time, stays professional, secure, and relevant.

It's this balance that makes Umbraco one of the fastest-growing platforms for building websites, whether it's the official web presence of a Fortune 500 company or your uncle's website on model trains. 

The Umbraco Cloud Solution 

But there's more to Umbraco. To ensure a more delightful experience with the Umbraco CMS we offer our cloud solution, Umbraco Cloud.

With Umbraco Cloud, we give you all-in-one Microsoft Azure hosting. A platform that gives you access to clever and simpler workflows, frees you from time-consuming manual upgrading and makes painful deployment a thing of the past. Basically, Umbraco Cloud makes working with Umbraco more smooth and satisfying. It's simply the most delightful place to build, host, and manage your Umbraco project. 

Umbraco HQ 

Umbraco HQ is the professional and commercial company behind Umbraco; the fastest-growing open-source .NET CMS in the world with over 1 million active installs. 

Umbraco HQ is located in Denmark, in the heart of Odense, and has an office in Charlotte, NC, U.S. with a strong U.S.-based team ready to support Umbraco partners and the U.S. Community. 

Get more familiar with Umbraco, what we do, who we are, and our range of products at Umbraco.com