What is the U.S. Summit?

If you've never been to the Umbraco U.S. Summit before, or if you've never been to any Umbraco event before - this question is only natural!

The Umbraco U.S. Summit is the biggest Umbraco event in the U.S. hosted by Umbraco HQ. The event brings together web developers, as well as business professionals from all over the country for a 2-day conference with sessions, carefully picked to inspire, teach, and update you on the latest trends in web tech as well as keep you updated on the latest items on the Umbraco product and business roadmap. 

Do you have to work with Umbraco CMS to join? If you already work with Umbraco, we highly encourage you to attend! But if you don't (yet), this event is still for you. In fact, it's a great opportunity for you who might be considering a new CMS solution and want to know what Umbraco can do for you. Everyone curious is welcome and we promise you'll leave wiser - and maybe even impressed! 

P.S. If you want to know more about Umbraco, check out  "About Umbraco"

A 2-Day, 3-Event Summit

For the 2023 Umbraco U.S. Summit, we have split the conference up into 3 events across 2 days. This way, you can create your own conference experience based on your interest. 

The Community event is for web developers, the Business event is for everyone working with digital business and this event also has a half-day online option. The Partner event is for existing Umbraco Partners only.

Which event(s) are you doing for? Learn more about the 3 events here: