Practical information


Umbraco U.S. Summit 2023 will be held at multiple venues in Uptown Charlotte. The venues are located within walking distance of the hotels that Umbraco HQ recommends when staying in Charlotte, NC. 

Community event, October 2

The Community event will take place at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Find room E220E. Here you will be greeted by some friendly faces from Umbraco HQ. 

Partners event, October 2 

The Partners event will be hosted at the Charlotte Convention Center

Find room E220D. Here you will be greeted by some friendly faces from Umbraco HQ. 

Business event, October 3 

The Busines event will be hosted at the NASCAR Hall of Fame - an interactive entertainment attraction honoring the history and heritage of NASCAR. 

Find us in the room called High Octane Theater


If you arrive by car, parking is available at both the Charlotte Convention Center and at the NASCAR Hall of Fame. 

See the Parking map for further information about parking availability.

Please observe local signage and parking rates to avoid any tickets. 

Parking map
Parking map

Accessibility requirements

We are committed to creating an accessible and accommodating environment for everyone at Umbraco U.S. Summit. If you have any specific accessibility requirements or if you identify as a person with a disability, we kindly request that you inform us at your earliest convenience. Our team is dedicated to making necessary arrangements to meet your needs and ensure that you can fully participate in all Umbraco U.S. Summit activities - whether it is activities for the Partners event, the Community event, or the Business event. 

Your privacy and comfort are of utmost importance to us. Any information you provide regarding your accessibility requirements will be treated confidentially and shared only with the individuals directly involved in organizing and implementing the necessary accommodations.

You can contact the Events Team at